Anadrol Steroids

Of all the anabolics we can choose from, some of the most highly desired are Anadrol steroids, and this largely surrounds the excitement they can bring. Anadrol steroids are some of the fastest acting on the market, and through this fast acting nature can provide results of a tremendous nature in only a few weeks. In most cases, the results will be those of a mass nature, and this is the steroids most common point of use, to increase mass, but it doesn't end there. Anadrol steroids are also tremendous strength increasing steroids, and they even have a purpose in cutting cycles that's a bit unique. Powerful hormonal compounds indeed, let's see what we can learn about Anadrol steroids and see if steroidation is right for you.

A Basic Understanding

Anadrol steroids are powerful Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) compounds comprised of the Anabolic steroidal hormone Oxymetholone, and like all DHT compounds, there is no aromatization. Oral in form, Anadrol steroids carry a very short half-life of approximately 8.5 hours with a whopping Anabolic rating of 325. Only mildly androgenic in nature, while its androgenic rating is only 45 compared to testosterone's 100, Anadrol steroids appear to display slightly more androgenic action than their rating implies. Further, while the steroid does not aromatize at all, it is the only non-aromatizing steroids that can lead to estrogenic related effects, and caution should be applied. Like most all oral steroids, Anadrol steroids belong to the C17-aa family; a classification that notes a structural change to the hormone at the 17th carbon position enabling it to survive the first pass through the liver. It is this nature that allows the hormone to survive ingestion; otherwise it would be destroyed by the liver before any benefits could be obtained; however, this nature makes it toxic to the liver. Anadrol steroids happen to be some of the most hepatotoxic anabolics of all, far more so than steroids like Anavar and even more so than Dianabol; for this reason, caution must be applied. Due to this nature, Anadrol steroids should never be used for more than six weeks, with many finding 4 weeks being as far as they want to take it in-order to ensure the liver's health.

Bulking & Strength

For the majority of performance enhancers, Anadrol steroids will be used in the off-season as a means to increase size and strength, and by the majority, it's probably close to 99% of all performance enhancers. Through such use, assuming you're eating enough calories to promote growth you can easily gain as much as 20lbs in only a few weeks; maybe even more. Of course, if you are gaining this much weight it's not going to be 100% lean tissue; you're going to hold some water as estrogenic effects can occur despite the lacking aromatase nature. Even so, if you can control your diet, eat just enough to promote growth, and you do not consume more carbohydrates than you actually need you can easily control the water weight. You may not gain as much weight, but the weight you do gain will still be significant and more importantly, more of it will be lean tissue, and that's the kind of weight you want. Through the use of Anadrol steroids in the off-season, those who steroid can expect their overall strength to skyrocket; in-fact, even if your total caloric intake is at a maintenance level your strength may go up. Such increases can be very useful during the off-season; while strength and growth are by no means intrinsically connected, increases in strength can help you push through brutal off-season training leading to a more muscular you. Further, there's hardly a man alive who wouldn't enjoy being stronger, and for some people, this is enough to warrant a desire to steroid.

Unique Use

Anadrol steroids have another use outside of off-season growth that can be very beneficial; we're referring to steroidation for competitive bodybuilders right before a competition. Such steroidation will allow the bodybuilder to maximize his carb loading plan, resulting in a fuller appearance on stage, and one that is far more pleasing in a competitive sense. For this purpose, most will only need to steroid for 2-3 weeks prior to competition right into their carb loading phase; however, this practice comes with a few strong notes of caution. First and foremost, if you've never steroided with Anadrol steroids this is not something you'll want to try; your first go should always be in the off-season. If you've never steroided with Anadrol steroids before, you have no way of knowing what your overall reaction to the steroid will be, and if you have a hard time controlling water with this steroid the last thing you want is this steroid in your system right before you step on stage. Further, you should have a solid grasp on water control in a general competitive sense before you try such steroidation; if you do, and you've steroided successfully before you may find Anadrol steroids very useful for this purpose.

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