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If you're looking for a quality steroid to use during your cutting cycle you may want to buy Anavar to fulfill this need. If you're a female looking for a quality steroid to use during your cutting cycle or any cycle for that matter there's no question you're going to want to buy Anavar. The Oxandrolone hormone that is Anavar, often referred to as "Var" is the single greatest steroid for female use but it can also be beneficial to men as well. While it can be beneficial to men, due to its generally tolerable nature in females this little tab has often been labeled "The Girl steroid" in many performance enhancing circles. Originally developed by Searle Laboratories in the 1960's, later absorbed by Pfizer, the Oxandrolone hormone was brought to the market in an effort to treat muscle wasting diseases and as such was soon latched onto by the performance community. A very mild Anabolic steroid, Oxandrolone holds the distinction as being the most side-effect friendly Anabolic steroid of all time in-terms of its benefits to side-effect ratios and this is precisely why so many continue to buy Anavar every day. As such a highly sought after Anabolic hormone those who buy Anavar will need to use a little caution that must be applied to a larger degree than with most other anabolics. We'll go into those details as we go along as well as many others.

Buy Anavar in HG Form:

Like many anabolics we can buy Anavar in both a Human Grade (HG) and Underground (UG) form and while many UG labs offer Oxandrolone this doesn't mean we should take them up on the offer. As a highly desired oral Anabolic steroid of a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) nature Anavar is one of the most commonly counterfeited steroids of all time and as such many UG labs are notorious in this practice. While outright fakes are common so are severally under-dosed tabs and in many cases tabs that are labeled one thing when in-fact there's something different altogether. It is not uncommon for a UG lab to sell Anavar and for it to truly be a very low dosed Dianabol tab. The reason for this practice is simple; the raw powder from which Dianabol is derived is very cheap and with a low dose it will still provide an Anabolic bump. This give the user results and as such many won't suspect a thing and while it may not affect men in a strong negative fashion this can be horrific for female athletes as they do not tolerate the Dianabol steroid in a positive fashion. Make no mistake, you can buy Anavar from a UG label and have a high quality product in hand. The problem is the majority of UG labs are simply of a poor quality nature and the counterfeits in this market are everywhere. With HG Oxandrolone we ensure the hormone is exactly what it's supposed to be, we ensure it is dosed correctly and free from any contaminates. Of course there are steroid suppliers who will even counterfeit HG Anavar, this is true but if we research our supplier and stick with HG forms we will be satisfied each and every time.

When to Buy Anavar:

For men and women the best time to buy Anavar is during a cutting cycle. By its nature the Oxandrolone hormone will greatly preserve lean tissue and strength when dieting. This is important due to when we diet both strength and tissue are often lost due to the need of remaining in a caloric deficit. If we are consuming more calories than we burn it becomes very difficult to lose body-fat, if not impossible. Once in a caloric deficit our body will be forced to take what it needs from stored body-fat but it will also tap into our muscle tissue to fulfill its energy needs. This is the primary benefit of the Oxandrolone hormone as it will simply preserve this hard earned muscle tissue. Beyond preservation factors the hormone will also enable us to burn fat at a more efficient rate due to the steroids metabolic enhancing properties. Further, it will speed up our rate of recovery, which again lends to us being more efficient in our physique based endeavors. Moreover, once lean enough, those who buy Anavar will find they display a harder and more defined physique; while this may not matter to performance athletes it is a great benefit for performance enhancers of a pure physique minded nature in a visual sense. Due to this trait along with the others mentioned this makes the Oxandrolone hormone a favorite among female physique competitors and not just bodybuilders but fitness and figure competitors and to the surprise of many bikini competitors as well.

Buy Anavar for Bulking:

For the male performance enhancer Anavar is a very poor choice for off-season bulking needs. The hormone is very mild and is simply not well-suited for pilling on significant amounts of muscle tissue. Absolutely, some lean tissue can be gained and while it may not be much, as Oxandrolone does not aromatize each and every ounce gained will be that of pure lean muscle tissue. However, to receive any increase in tissue of any notable worth most men will need to steroid with a massive amount of the hormone; again, simply due to its mild nature. This can be very inefficient when we look at the price of the steroid and as such men who buy Anavar for this purpose will need to spend a massive amount of money and this is simply unnecessary when there are better and more cost efficient options. For the female athlete we can make an exception as it pertains to the bulking phase. Females are simply far more sensitive to the hormone regarding positive benefits and as such, while it may not provide a massive gain in size it will provide a good bump in tissue gains as well as strength. Further, again due to their sensitive nature, females will not require a large dose to reap a reward making this one of the best off-season steroids they can choose. While the cutting phase remains a female's primary beneficial point of use, women who buy Anavar for their bulking needs will rarely be disappointed.

Price & Dose:

One of the more expensive anabolics on the market based on the cost to milligrams obtained and the potency of each milligram, 10mg Oxandrolone tabs, the most common form generally cost anywhere from $2-$4 per tab in HG form with $2 being rare. High quality UG Anavar can be found at $1-$2 per 10mg tab but you need to keep in mind there's not a ton of high quality UG Oxandrolone on the market. While these prices may not sound all that bad, when we start looking at the recommended doses the cost can really add up for male performance enhancers. While some men may find 30mg a day to be all they need most men who buy Anavar will need at least 50mg per day to receive a nice benefit with 80mg per day being far more common than you might think. As you can see this can make a basic 6-8 week run of Oxandrolone very expensive for the male athlete. For the female athlete the news is much better. Obviously she's paying the same price for the tabs but most women who buy Anavar only need 10mg per day. Some females of a more advanced nature may tolerate 20mg well but 10mg is about all the Oxandrolone most any female will ever need.

The Bottom Line:

In the end the truth is simple; the Oxandrolone hormone that is Anavar is very mild yet carries traits that can provide very welcomed benefits. While men can benefit from this steroid most men will find it is more of a finishing touch Anabolic that is added to an already well-planned stack. For example, a cutting cycle that included Testosterone and Trenbolone, this would be your gas, whereas if you buy Anavar and enter it into the stack it's merely an octane booster. For women we have an entirely different animal. For the female athlete the Oxandrolone hormone has changed the game of female sports and female physiques for years. In many ways this little tablet is responsible for the fitness look so many have come to admire and without it the face of health and fitness would look very different. Without question this is the best steroid for any female and for any female can transform her physique in ways she never could have imagined. If there was ever a time to buy Anavar, if you're a women who's looking for a better physique now is the time and that's the bottom line.

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