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For some performance enhancers mass is the name of the game, especially when we enter into the realm of bodybuilding. It's no secret bodybuilders like many others steroid with anabolics and often in large amounts but for those who really want to push the envelope Insulin sometimes enters into the equation. Insulin is a very powerful Anabolic hormone our bodies naturally produce; it is not a hormone we are unaccustomed to; just as our bodies are accustomed to testosterone so are they to Insulin. However, when we buy Insulin in its exogenous form we enter into a very different playing field quite unlike exogenous testosterone use.

A very powerful Anabolic hormone, one of the most powerful of all, those who buy Insulin for performance needs have a hormone that can produce amazing gains but can be very dangerous to use. If we were to compare the possible danger of Anabolic steroid use to the danger of Insulin anabolics would not even compare. Nevertheless, with responsible use we can eliminate this danger and see new found mass never seen before. While this remains true there is an important factor we must understand; possible danger aside exogenous Insulin use can make many people very fat; we'll explain it all as we go along.

Insulin Overview:

Insulin belongs to the peptide class of hormones and is produced by the pancreas. A hormone that exist by a grouping of 51 amino acids and is regulated in-terms of release largely by carbohydrate consumption. Protein intake can also play a role but it remains carbohydrates are the primary factor. By its nature, when present in the body the hormone manages the uptake of glucose by forcing glucose into the muscles thereby storing it as glycogen where it is used as fuel.

The same can be said when we buy Insulin in its exogenous form in-terms of the way it interacts by the manner described above; however, natural release is determined by carbohydrate consumption where exogenous use is simply applying it regardless. This is where danger can occur as we'll soon see. So where is the benefit? Once in the body the most obvious benefit is the enhanced stored glycogen but the hormone also affects protein absorption in an enhancing way. Through the hormones presence we are in many ways maximizing our carbohydrate and protein consumption; two key components to growth.

Buy Insulin & Get Fat:

When we buy Insulin we must be aware of possible fat gains simply due to the nature of the hormone. When Insulin levels are high our metabolism slows down in the manner by-which fat is burned. By its very presence the body no longer relies on stored body-fat for energy and will rely only on stored glycogen which you now have in abundance. This makes losing fat impossible when levels are high and if they remain high and if you continue to steroid with the hormone and the excess carbohydrates you need to do so properly you may gain a lot of unwanted body-fat. Does this mean you cannot steroid without getting fat? No, not at all, but the strong majority will, making this is a practice that should only be undertaken by the very advanced, those who have years of experience in-terms of understanding their body and who desperately need to increase their size; most people do not fall into this category. Most who desire to put on size simply need to eat a little more and the problem would be solved. It must also be noted, if you steroid with Insulin for the purpose of performance you will need to steroid with anabolics as well. If you steroid with anabolics with your Insulin your metabolic properties will be enhanced and you'll be able to control possible fat gain to a greater degree. Without anabolics it will be very hard and for many impossible not to gain a great deal of body-fat.

Buy Insulin & Die:

Those who buy Insulin for the purpose of performance enhancement and use it improperly risk the greatest side-effect of all; death. When we consume carbohydrates Insulin is released; for this reason when we inject exogenous Insulin carbohydrates must be consumed with each injection. Those who do not consume enough carbohydrates with their Insulin risk sending their body into a hypoglycemic coma that can be irreversible and end in death. If you steroid and begin to feel dizzy, have difficulty staying awake or develop a bad headache you'll need to immediately start consuming some fast acting carbs such as juice or Gatorade as well as some fast and slower carb combos such as through candy bars or granola bars; how much, as much as it takes to reverse this feeling and prevent a catastrophe.

Forms & Carbs:

Those who buy Insulin will find there are five forms available:

  1. Humalog: fast acting, short duration
  2. Humulin-R: fast acting, short duration
  3. Humulin-N: Intermediate
  4. Humulin-U: (Medium Zinc Suspension) Intermediate
  5. Humulin-U: (Large Zinc Suspension) slow acting, long duration

Humalog and Humulin-R are the only two recommended for performance purposes as they are the easiest to control. Of the two recommended Humilin-R is the only one that you can legally obtain without a prescription and is further in most cases the most affordable. If you buy Insulin in the Humilin-R form and steroid with 1-2IU, a moderately low dose you will need at minimum 100g of carbs with it, with many needing at least 150g of carbs to ensure safety. Further, approximately 40-50g of protein from an easily digestible source such as a whey isolate or egg whites is recommended along with some EFA's. Regardless of dosing and total amounts of nutrients you will not sleep once the Insulin has been injected and need to remain awake for at least a few hours after the hormones administration. Further, regardless of all factors, if you begin to show hypoglycemic symptoms you will immediately consume more carbohydrates.

The Bottom Line:

The truth is simple; Insulin is one of the most powerful Anabolic hormones we have available but demands more respect than any Anabolic steroid or hormone from any class. Those who buy Insulin will fine there is a very fine line that must be walked as we can gain a lot of body-fat if we're not careful. Further, those who buy Insulin must hold to a level of responsibility greater than any hormone we steroid with as failure to do so can lead to horrific consequences. It truly is a hormone we can grow with quite unlike any other but it is one the vast majorities truly do not need. If you are truly a hard gainer then Insulin may be for you but we cannot over emphasize the need for caution and that's the bottom line.

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