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There are numerous testosterone forms from which we have to choose; large and small single ester forms to even basic ester free testosterone. Then we also have testosterone mixtures and of the testosterone mixtures many performance enhancers buy Omnadren. In many ways Omnadren is identical to the more popular testosterone mixture Sustanon-250; in-fact, the only difference between these 4 ester based compounds is the final largest ester. In any case, what truly distinguishes Omnadren from Sustanon-250 and pretty much all testosterones is the amount of counterfeit Omnadren on the market as it is not only the most commonly counterfeited testosterone but one of the most commonly counterfeited steroids. There seems to be a high demand for this form in many performance circles based on the mystique it has garnered thanks to internet message boards. Thousands if not millions want to buy Omnadren and make no mistake, it is a quality product, high quality but the amount of garbage that carries its name is simply through the roof.

Omnadren Overview:

Omnadren was first brought to the market by the Polish Jelfa Pharmaceuticals and was soon popular in all of Europe, especially the eastern front. By its nature those who buy Omnadren have simply bought testosterone and what can be said of testosterone in any other form can be said of Omnadren as well. What separates this form from others is the ester or in this case the multitude of esters. With most testosterone forms we have one ester attached. For example, with Testosterone-Enanthate you have the testosterone hormone attached to the Enanthate ester; with Testosterone-Cypionate you have the testosterone hormone attached to the Cypionate ester. In the case of Omnadren you have 4 esters attached to the single testosterone hormone. The total composition of Omnadren is as follows:

  • 30mg Testosterone-Propionate
  • 60mg Testosterone-Phenylpropionate
  • 60mg Testosterone-Isocaproate
  • 100mg Testosterone-Caproate

Why Buy Omnadren?

Those who buy Omnadren have purchased a testosterone that gives them the best of both worlds. With small ester testosterones we have a hormone that displays action very quickly but also dissipates in a rapid fashion. With large ester testosterone we have a hormone that displays action rather slowly but provides a much longer lasting effect. With Omnadren we have a testosterone that carries small, medium sized and large esters. By this grouping we receive a testosterone benefit very quickly and continue to have testosterone released long after the initial injection. How long; the total half-life of Omnadren is approximately 15 days, 3 days longer than Testosterone-Cypionate; the longest half-life of all common single ester testosterone forms. The benefit for those who buy Omnadren over other forms is simple; continuous and steady release of testosterone from each single injection. This can be very useful in therapeutic measure as the individual will only have to inject once every 2-3 weeks. Does this present an advantage to the performance enhancer? No, not really. For the performance enhancer you will need to administer the hormone approximately three times per week if you are going to maintain stable and peak levels of testosterone. This is due to the Propionate and Phenylpropionate esters being attached as they will be out of your system very quickly. In the end, the only reason to buy Omnadren over a single ester form is if you are getting a good deal on it as it truly does not present an advantage over single ester forms in any direct sense of benefit. It's no better and it's no worse.

Buy Omnadren Legitimately:

If you buy Omnadren from just any supplier there is a chance you'll be purchasing a fake product as it is so commonly counterfeited. For this reason you will need to use extreme caution when purchasing making sure your supplier can be trusted. Just as important, Omnadren is defined by its makeup; meaning, it is defined by the mixture of the precise four esters listed above in the exact doses as listed above. If you have a compound that carries different esters it's not Omnadren. If you have a compound that carries the same esters but they are in different doses it's not Omnadren. It may very well be a quality testosterone product but if you want to buy Omnadren the only way is in the exact precise form as that is what defines its existence.


As a testosterone hormone those who buy Omnadren will receive almost every benefit any performance enhancer will ever be after. A truly versatile hormone Omnadren is perfect for bulking and cutting cycles and is equally effective in both cycles. Through its use we can achieve the following:

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Recovery Time
  • Increase Overall Athletic Performance
  • Decrease Body-Fat
  • Improve Overall Conditioning

When you look at that little list you can see it encompasses almost every benefit most desire. How far you take it depending on if you want to grow or lean out will depend largely on you. One should not expect to grow massively large without adequate nutritional intake and one should not expect to be ripped to the bone without hard dieting. The point of use when we buy Omnadren, as is the point with all anabolics is to take what we're already doing correctly and to now do it a little better.

The Bottom Line:

In the end the truth is simple; those who buy Omnadren have purchased a fine testosterone and have a solid Anabolic steroid in hand. While this remains true individuals must exercise more caution than normal as a poor quality product can easily slip into your hands. Even so, if you have access to quality Omnadren you'll have a fantastic steroid that is not only very powerful but one that is very well-tolerated by healthy adult men. Absolutely, side-effects can occur but they can all be avoided and remedied if one steroids responsibly. Those who buy Omnadren and steroid with Aromatase Inhibitors, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and do not abuse the hormone with insanely high doses will not have the first problem. If you can hold to these principles you will meet your cycle with success and that's the bottom line.

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