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You've thought about it and you want to buy steroids but you don't know how. Maybe you're still working out the kinks, you know you want them but you're not real sure when you should buy steroids. Unfortunately there isn't a one size fits all answer to these questions. We can't walk into Wal-Mart or much less our local pharmacy and buy steroids right off the shelf and there isn't an exact precise time we can say is the absolute perfect time to steroid. However, while there may not be one size fits all answers there are answers just the same and that's exactly what we're going to give to you today.

The Law:

In the United States by way of the steroid Control Acts of 1990, and 2004, Anabolic androgenic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances. By legislation it is against the law to manufacture, sell, purchase or possess Anabolic androgenic steroids unless there is a legitimate medical purpose. For the individual, in the United States if you wish to buy steroids under the protection of the law you must possess a prescription and the prescription must be based on a legitimate medical need; performance enhancement is not considered such a need.

To buy steroids legally in the U.S. the most common purpose for which a prescription is granted is for treating a hormone deficiency such as low testosterone or Andropause and in some cases even in some women due to the effect of menopause. Beyond hormone deficiencies many patients who suffer from muscle wasting diseases or severe burn victims are prescribed anabolics but there is one more grouping that is of worthy note and discussion; the transgender community and we'll discuss this in its own section below. In any case these are the primary reasons anabolics are prescribed in the United States and as such the only way you can buy steroids legally.

Transgender vs. Performance – The Perplexing Question:

In the United States if you wish to be a part of the transgender community, especially regarding female to male you may legally buy steroids to meet this end. This creates a very interesting question simply because the desire to be a transsexual is not a medical need, it is a desire. This is not to imply desires are not of worthy note, you can decide for yourself which desires are worthwhile, we are not hear to discuss that end of the question.

For many physicians who prescribe steroids to transsexuals they follow what is known as the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care which is a state of counseling and a requirement that the individual lead a life in the gender they desire to make sure it is for them before anabolics are taken. While this practice is followed by many doctors it is not followed by the majority as the majority feel that depriving the individual from obtaining anabolics to fulfill a desire that affects no one but themselves simply isn't right. Did a light bulb just go off in your head, if not it should have. This is the same argument performance enhancers make; they desire to steroid with anabolics based on a personal desire that affects no one else but they are in the United States denied this right because it is deemed medically unnecessary. The arguments of roid rage are made, although proven medically false, the arguments of influencing children are made, although statistically proven meaningless and of course the arguments made in the general realm of health, most of which have also been proven false; in-fact, men who steroid with anabolics for the purpose of performance are proven to be healthier in most cases than men who do not. While these facts remain true, if you desire to buy steroids and live in the United States you're going to need another option.

Where to Buy steroids:

For years anabolics were sold in gyms across the country, often openly for all to see. Even after the original steroid Control Act gym dealers remained king but they reign if this individual has long since passed. Gym dealers still exist today; the majority of them are simply other gym members, most have a regular full time job and they trade a few anabolics on the side for some extra cash; in most cases, with a few exceptions this is as far as it goes.

In today's world, if you want to buy steroids almost each and every time they are going to be bought online by the majority of performance enhancers. There are literally thousands of online steroid suppliers and as such the market price of anabolics has become more affordable than ever. What's more, as the price is so affordable and the mode of purchase so simple the online Anabolic steroid suppliers are making a fortune; in-fact, it's one of the few markets that continue to thrive despite economic downtime.

Of course if you buy steroids online you're going to need to use caution. This is a market that exists without any sort of quality control and if you're not careful you'll buy a product that may be contaminated or in many cases one that is counterfeit. This may sound scary, it may sound like a bad thing but when we examine it it's actually a good thing. The online steroid market, although a black market endeavor is one of the freest markets in the world. Further, it is not in any shape form or fashion similar to other drug markets; the majority of those in the performance enhancing community are otherwise law abiding citizens, they work with you, go to church with you, their kids go to school with your kids and so on. You want find them hanging on street corners or in the back of dark alleys as they are simply regular people. As such, the poor suppliers generally go out of business very quickly and the good ones rise to the top; it is one of the oldest free market principles in the world.

The key to success is simple; if you want to buy steroids, just as you would any product research the supplier and provider. If you are lazy and jump the gun and buy a poor product this is no one's fault but your own; especially when information and quality reviews are abundant. The long and short, if you want to buy steroids the ability is there and it's very easy and with a little leg work and self-educating you are guaranteed to receive the best anabolics money can buy.

Buy steroids for Bulking:

The off-season or bulking period is a great time to buy steroids as this is the time when the athlete makes improvements. It is during the off-season that an athlete will train in order to become stronger and faster or the time when he will try to add new muscle mass to his frame. In the case of a competitive bodybuilder or someone who lives a similar lifestyle this is not only when he adds more mass to his frame but the period of time when he improves his weak points. Regardless of your purpose, if you do not desire massive piles of muscle, if you're only looking for a small gain in tissue that's fine; anabolics can lead you to this end. How big you get will largely depend on the amounts of food you eat as well as the amounts of anabolics you take with food being the primary factor.

When we're in our bulking phase food will be the number one tool and one that cannot be replaced by any Anabolic steroid or any amount. If you do not feed your body enough calories to grow it simply won't grow regardless of anything else. This does not mean we eat like a pig; some fat gain may occur during your off-season but the idea is to keep it at a minimal level. With the introduction of anabolics into an off-season plan we are able to make better use of our food as our overall metabolic functions are enhanced. Further, by this enhancement we are able to gain the needed muscle tissue with as little fat gain as possible making the off-season a great time to buy steroids.

Buy steroids for Cutting:

While a bulking phase is a great time to buy steroids the best time to buy steroids is during a cutting phase or simply put a phase where we are trying to lose body-fat. When we diet we must necessarily reduce our calories; to successfully burn fat we must burn more calories than we consume thereby causing our body to burn stored body-fat. While this is necessary when we diet, when calories are restricted muscle tissue is often lost as well and for most athletes in any circle this simply won't do. As we are burning more calories than we consume our body will take what it needs not only from stored body-fat but from muscle tissue as well and this is simply not acceptable for any athlete.

With the introduction of anabolics into a cutting phase we are able to preserve far more lean tissue when dieting than without. Further, due to the metabolic enhancing properties of anabolics we are able to burn fat at a higher and more efficient rate. Once lean enough and this pertains more so to physique minded individuals, the use of anabolics during the cutting phase will enable us to display a more defined physique; one that is harder, more vascular and simply more appealing by physique based standards. How far one takes it is up to the individual. If you do not desire a ripped to the bone look that's fine, that will depend on how hard you diet. In any case if there were ever a perfect time to buy steroids it is during the cutting phase; in-fact, if you are only going to steroid during one phase the cutting phase will undoubtedly be the one to choose.

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