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There are many anabolics we have available and within each form there are often at least two variations if not more. In the case of the testosterone hormone we have nearly a dozen variations of the hormone with six being popular in most performance circles. Each variation is comprised of the same active hormone; in that there is no difference. What distinguishes one form from the next is the ester(s) attached or the lack of esters depending on the form. We have large and small ester base testosterone, ester free testosterone and of course testosterone forms that are a mixture of more than one ester. Of all these forms the single ester versions are the most popular and of the single ester versions the small ester base Testosterone-Propionate is one of the favorites.

Many athletes and performance enhancers buy Testosterone-Propionate for their cycling needs and for several reasons. Those who buy Testosterone-Propionate have purchased one of the fastest acting testosterones and without question one of the easiest to control in-terms of stable blood levels. Further, as it is pure testosterone, in that of itself is reason enough to buy Testosterone-Propionate; after all, testosterone is one of the greatest anabolics of all time and the steroid by-which all steroids owe their existence.

Of course this brings us to an important question; when is the best time to buy Testosterone-Propionate? We know testosterone is perfect for bulking and cutting cycles but what about Test-P as it is commonly known? In many circles the only time certain performance enhancers will buy Testosterone-Propionate is during a cutting cycle, as they will stick with large ester forms such as Testosterone-Cypionate and Testosterone-Enanthate during the bulking phase. There are two premises by which this is based; Test-P causes you to hold less water and large ester testosterone forms can make you gain more fat. There is some truth to the first claim but the second is beyond ridiculous; testosterone in any form does not cause fat gain. The problem is most do not know how to distinguish water from fat, good weight from bad weight and most simply eat too much when they're bulking and blame the steroids for their now larger pants size. The long and short is simple; the best time to buy Testosterone-Propionate is any time you steroid with anabolics and that's simply the truth.

Buy Testosterone-Propionate for Bulking:

Many assume long ester base testosterones must be used for bulking cycles and while there are several claims made to support this reasoning each one is more ridiculous than the last. Absolutely, you can steroid with long ester forms such as Testosterone-Cypionate and Testosterone-Enanthate or even Testosterone-Decanoate if you can find it in this single ester form and meet your cycles with success. While this is true, Test-P is just as good and if for whatever reason you prefer Test-P over Test-Cyp, Test-E, or any other form, if it's a bulking phase, you eat enough, train hard enough and steroid with proper amounts you're going to grow and you're going to grow well. Is the bulking phase a perfect time to buy Testosterone-Propionate? While it has its advantages in a cutting cycle a bulking phase is just as good as any.

Buy Testosterone-Propionate for Cutting:

Believe it or not there are many performance enhancing athletes who are petrified of testosterone during cutting cycles. The fear is twofold; they're convinced it makes losing fat harder and convinced the estrogen related issues are out of their control. Let's be clear; Testosterone-Propionate or any testosterone form cannot make you gain fat and it cannot slow down fat burning as its very nature is of a metabolic enhancing nature. Further, yes, estrogen buildup can be a concern with any testosterone form but this is very easy to control with proper use. steroiding with Aromatase Inhibitors (AI's) and simply eating right can do a lot for you.

So what about the cutting cycle itself, why should we buy Testosterone-Propionate when we're trying to lean out? To begin simply read the statement above; its very nature enhances metabolic action. Through this action we are now able to burn fat at a more efficient rate and in a more efficient manner as we will be burning fat while preserving more lean tissue that is commonly lost when dieting without testosterone. By steroiding with Test-P we are simply able to produce a better physique and that's pretty much the point of performance enhancing; a visually better physique and one that is more athletically enhanced.


When you buy Testosterone-Propionate you will find it to be one of the most affordable anabolics on the market. Further, of all the testosterone forms you will find it to be one of the cheapest. The average price for a 100mg ampule of Human Grade (HG) Test-P will normally range from $3-$5 per ampule with Underground (UG) lines costing anywhere from $25-$50 per 10ml vial. In most cases when you buy Testosterone-Propionate you will find it comes dosed at 50mg/ml to 100mg/ml with some UG labs manufacturing a Test-P product that reaches levels of 200mg/ml. As you can see this is a very cheap Anabolic steroid on a per ampule or vial basis but when we calculate total dosing needs, for most men it will be about the same as a Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate purchase. However, as Test-P provides more active testosterone on a per milligram basis most men will not need as much as they would with larger single ester forms. For example; 100mg of Testosterone-Cypionate will yield 69.90mg of active testosterone whereas 100mg of Testosterone-Propionate will yield 83.72mg of active testosterone.


Men who buy Testosterone-Propionate will normally need to inject the hormone on an every other day basis with some finding every three days to be sufficient. For the majority of performance enhancers a dosing of 100mg three times per week will be the typical low end dose with 100mg every other day being very efficient. While 100mg every other day is efficient many men will run as much as 200mg every other day and in some cases reaching levels of a full 1g or more each and every week; individual needs and desires will dictate the total dosing.

In any case, regardless of the purpose of use or the desired dose you will need to administer this testosterone form far more often than large single ester forms. Test-P carries a very short half-life of approximately 3.5 days and to maintain not only stable blood levels but peaked stable blood levels you're going to need frequent injections. Failure to inject frequently will result in up and down testosterone levels and this is simply not an efficient manner of steroidation and by no means maximizes your results.

The Bottom Line:

Since almost the beginning of Anabolic androgenic steroid use performance enhancers have continued to buy Testosterone-Propionate for their enhancing needs. Test-P is one of the oldest anabolics ever made available and as it was popular in the beginning it is just as if not more popular today. This is important because over the years many anabolics have come and gone but through it all Testosterone-Propionate has remained a stable constant as it is simply a pure testosterone hormone, rapidly acting and as such a perfect Anabolic steroid. For cutting and bulking or to simply provide a little bump in athletic performance this is and will always be a perfect choice. Further, as it is so affordable those who buy Testosterone-Propionate cannot go wrong and that's the bottom line.

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