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There are numerous anabolics, and while most have a primary role and a few secondary characteristics, some are quite versatile in nature. Of the versatile steroids, none are more versatile in nature than Testosterone and Trenbolone, but while not nearly as versatile as these steroids the Equipoise steroid does carry a nature in this regard to a degree. Sharing many similar properties with Testosterone, the Equipoise steroid is one of the more popular anabolics on earth due to its both versatile and normally high tolerable nature. Of course, if you go to a steroid message board you'll hear many call the Equipoise steroid a lighter version of Deca-Durabolin; this is inaccurate thinking. The actions of these two steroids are nothing alike; their very natures are in opposition of one another. We're merely bringing this up to clear your mind from confusion, so let's take a look at the Equipoise steroid and see what we actually have.

The Equipoise steroid – The Foundation

Boldenone-Unecleynate, common referred to by its most popular trade name Equipoise is a steroidal hormone originally developed for use in horses; this isn't hard to see, after all, the Equipoise steroid, the name itself implies equestrian. As you may have already guessed, like most vet grade steroids the Equipoise steroid is not found in human grade form; it can only be purchased in vet grade or underground lab form. In any case, regardless of the manufacturer assuming it is manufactured properly, by its nature the Equipoise steroid largely increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis; two very similar actions possessed by most anabolics. Of course, where EQ as it's often called truly shines is in its ability to increase erythropoietin, and it will do so at a rate far beyond most any other Anabolic steroid.

Through the erythropoietin increase, we will find our red blood cell count tremendously increased, and as this increases so will our overall muscular endurance. When you couple this with the nitrogen and protein qualities you already have a quality steroid, but then include its ability to rapidly promote enhanced metabolic activity, and you have a very fine Anabolic steroid. No, it's nowhere as close as powerful as simple testosterone, but it's a good steroid and an excellent addition to most any stack.

The Equipoise steroid – What it Provides

Mildly androgenic in nature and activity, with significant Anabolic properties the Equipoise steroid can be a fine addition to both bulking and cutting cycles. While not the most powerful bulking steroid, the Equipoise steroid can provide nice, clean gains; they're not going to be fast, this is a slow acting steroid. Further, while it does aromatize it is very slight in nature; some water weight may occur due to use, but it should be controllable and largely insignificant. In any case, during off-season use you will mostly notice an increase in strength and more importantly increased endurance enabling you to push through your training and spur new growth.

While a decent bulking steroid, without question the best time to steroid with the Equipoise steroid is during a cutting cycle as this steroid's very nature is simply apt towards this end. A phenomenal tissue preserver and regenerator, this makes EQ a great steroid especially on the front end of the diet, but where it will truly shine is in conditioning. By its nature, the Equipoise steroid will promote enhanced vascularity and simply a more defined physique. Through steroidation, once you enjoy these traits, when you throw in hardening steroids (assuming you're actually lean) you're going to see enhanced conditioning that will be beyond what you could have hoped for if your total plan is on point.

Addressing Issues

Anabolic steroid related message boards, without question they can be very valuable tools, but they can also be home to some of the worst information on earth. There are very few examples as prominent as the Equipoise steroid; we showed you one early on regarding its comparison to Deca-Durabolin, but it doesn't end there. Many truly believe if they steroid with enough EQ they will grow tremendously, and while you can grow due to its use there are some truths you need to understand. EQ is not anywhere nearly as powerful at promoting growth as Testosterone, Trenbolone or Nandrolone; in-fact, as it pertains to growth the Equipoise steroid is not even in the same camp. Even so, because it carries such a high level of toleration and a few well-known internet cowboys have pushed it so hard many believe it's an injection of Deca, Dbol, and Insulin all rolled up into one.

There is also another issue we must address; as stated you will not find the Equipoise steroid in human grade form; vet and UG only. While this is not the only steroid that cannot be found in human grade form, you need to understand it is often one of the most poorly made anabolics on earth. There's a fair amount of counterfeit EQ on the market, but more than that is an abundant supply of under-dosed product. Finding high quality Equipoise can be a little difficult to do; so difficult we're willing to bet of those who've steroided with the Equipoise steroid more than half have never steroided with pure accurately dosed EQ.

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