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Human Growth Hormone (HGH), often referred to as the Human Growth Hormone steroid is a commonly used performance hormone, and it is largely one of the most misunderstood hormones of all. While commonly referred to as the Human Growth Hormone steroid, in that little four word phrase alone we begin to see how inappropriately people view HGH; why, because HGH is not a steroid. Sure, like anabolics, HGH is Anabolic in nature, and for many people, this is reason enough to call it the Human Growth Hormone steroid; OK, fine, but food is highly Anabolic, there's nothing more Anabolic than food, does this mean we should label food an Anabolic steroid? Of course not, and no sane person would suggest this, but because performance based hormones are so enormously controversial in nature little distortions and twist are often deemed just fine.

What is HGH?

If there's no such thing as a Human Growth Hormone steroid, this begs the question; what is HGH? Human Growth Hormone is a protein based peptide hormone that is regulated by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary. Each and every human being on earth naturally produce HGH; how much can vary significantly from one person to the next; one's lifestyle can play a massive role on the total release. The more you exercise, the more you implement healthy eating habits, quite simply the better you take care of yourself the more HGH you'll produce.

In any case, regardless of how much you naturally produce, once in the body this peptide's action will largely surround cell production, regeneration and repair. The more HGH you produce, the greater level of efficiency you'll find in such activity; in short, total Anabolic and metabolic activity will be increased. This is largely brought on by the manner in-which HGH promotes cell division; you now have a larger supply of cells to perform the tasks necessary to life. In-order to understand this, with the increased cell division the structure of the cells is also enhanced, amino acid conversion is enhanced and quite simply you are enhanced. Sure, there's a lot more to it than that, but this should give you a pretty good idea, and regardless of your opinion on performance based hormones, this occurs in you whether you like it or not.


While HGH is naturally produced by the human body, as with many hormones we have synthetic versions available; in the case of synthetic Human Growth Hormone it is known as Somatropin. No, if it's Somatropin this does not magically change HGH into the Human Growth Hormone steroid; it's still the same HGH discussed above. Once inside the body, the body will make absolutely no distinction between naturally produced HGH and Somatropin; it will not treat one differently than the other. Of course, this leads to a question that while confusing for some it still has a simple answer; why steroid with Somatropin? The reason we administer synthetic HGH is so that we have more HGH in our body; when we have more HGH there is simply more of the hormone to perform the tasks of this peptide. Look at it like this; the more money you have the more stuff you can buy; the more HGH you have the greater its properties will be displayed. This isn't a hard concept, and just because we administer Somatropin does not make it a steroid any more than possessing extra money makes that cash turn into gold.

But it's Anabolic

As stated early on, the reason so many refer to HGH as the Human Growth Hormone steroid is because of its strong Anabolic nature; even though there are numerous Anabolic items on earth, because HGH is a hormone, and even though there are countless non-Anabolic hormones because this one is Anabolic many people cannot get around the Human Growth Hormone steroid idea. Yes, HGH is tremendously Anabolic in nature; even so, if you steroid with Somatropin this doesn't mean you're going to turn into a mass monster; it doesn't work that way. Sure, it can definitely aid in the promotion of this end and significantly, but your overall lifestyle must be in-line with such a desire, and that goes far beyond HGH steroidation. Further, if you're going to gain muscle tissue substantially with HGH use you're going to need to steroid with anabolics; no, once again this does not make it the Human Growth Hormone steroid, but HGH and anabolics work in perfect harmony to promote this end if it is desired.

True Benefits

What can steroidation of HGH do for you; the more appropriate question might be what can't it do? It doesn't matter who you are, a performance enhancer or not, male or female HGH can tremendously benefit you. Further, if you do steroid with anabolics, the effects of HGH will be enormously enhanced, but you do not have to steroid with anabolics to enjoy a reward. In any case, the benefits of the non-Human Growth Hormone steroid, just plain ole HGH include:

  • Muscle Tissue Growth (this can mean anywhere from slight to extreme depending on desire)
  • Tremendously Enhanced Metabolic Rate
  • A Leaner Physique
  • A Tighter Physique
  • Greatly Increased Rate of Recovery
  • Enhanced Bone, Joint & Tendon Strength
  • Healthier Skin
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Clarity of Thought
  • Enhanced Sense of Well-Being
  • Improved Rest (better sleeping patterns)

Those are some remarkable benefits, and there's no man or woman alive who wouldn't desire them, and if they say they have no desire they're either a complete full-blown idiot or lying. You may have heard it said before, many commonly refer to HGH as the fountain of youth, and while there's no actual fountain HGH is as close as we can get, and is definitely worth your consideration. Did we mention this is also one of the safest hormones on earth we can steroid with? The side-effects of HGH use are so mild, if steroidation is of a reasonable nature they're almost unheard of. When doses reach extreme levels, sure this can change things, but this is not a cheap hormone and most cannot afford anything extreme. In any case, some may notices carpal tunnel like symptoms in their hands when use first begins, or somewhat of a tingling feeling in the hands or feet, but this will almost always pass very shortly after use begins, and will not occur in most cases that are of a responsible and reasonable nature.

The Importance of Clarity

After reading this, even though we have provided nothing that indicates calling HGH the Human Growth Hormone steroid is the correct terminology, some will still do so simply out of ignorance or an emotional hatred towards all things performance. If you're asking why we negated to truly compare HGH with anabolics it was not without reason; it's because they don't compare. If you can get this through your head, then you can start to understand various performance hormones, but until then, most will be stuck in a state of perpetual idiocy.

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