Of all the powerful Anabolic hormones we have at our disposal, very few are as powerful as insulin. A powerful, naturally produced peptide hormone, insulin displays tremendous Anabolic traits making it highly desired by many athletes. Without question, competitive bodybuilders are the number one users of this hormone in a performance sense, as off-season use can really help pack on some size. The good news is this is a hormone we are well accustomed to, as our body already naturally produces it; the bad news is exogenous use can be tremendously dangerous. At any rate, it can be used safely, and when anabolics are present (insulin should not be used for performance without steroids) and especially if HGH is part of the equation, due to the synergetic nature the individual can expect to grow like never before. While all of this is true, before we go any further we must state one very fundamental truth; almost no one has any business steroiding with insulin for the purpose of performance enhancement. To begin, most will simply become too fat, and what's worse, exogenous insulin use can lead to death if you do not do things perfectly.

Insulin Basics:

Insulin is a peptide hormone comprised of a chain of 51 amino acids that is produced by the pancreas and released when carbohydrates are consumed. The consumption of protein can also trigger an insulin release but this is miniscule. Once insulin is present, it forces the glucose into the muscles where it is stored as energy in the form of glycogen. It should go without saying, the more carbohydrates you eat the greater the insulin release will be.

As you can see, by forcing more glycogen to be stored, and the hormone also enhances protein absorption abilities, it's not too hard to see how this can lead to physical growth, but there's some very bad news. When insulin is present, the body will only rely on glycogen for its energy needs; this means we will not burn fat. Of course, as glucose levels fall and the insulin fades away, our stored body-fat will be tapped into again, but of course, you'll be eating again very soon; we're sure you're beginning to see the possible problem. Put simply, when you have too much insulin in your system you cannot burn fat and if you need to burn fat you will not have the ability. Further, with too much insulin fat gain becomes a reality, but at the same time if we're trying to pack on size and we already possess a powerful metabolism this increase in stored energy can be beneficial.

What to Expect – Benefits:

The benefits of exogenous insulin use are tremendously Anabolic in nature. Through steroidation, the very food we eat, particularly proteins and carbohydrates become more valuable. We are able to absorb our protein at a high degree, and we are enabled with the ability to maximize the benefit of each and every gram of carbohydrates we consume. Further, by its presence in the body, the increase in insulin will result in an increase in naturally released IGF-1; another powerful peptide hormone that is extremely Anabolic. What does this all translate into; mass, pure and simple mass, and this is the only reason to steroid with insulin in-regards to performance.

Anabolics, HGH & Insulin:

If you decide insulin is for you, understand you need to steroid with anabolics or you will get fat. Remember, insulin promotes body-fat, yet anabolics discourage it and you're going to need this line of defense. While you do not have to steroid with insulin if you steroid with anabolics (most won't), you do need anabolics if you steroid with insulin. Further, by the presence of both types of Anabolic hormones at the same time, you will only enhance your overall goals. Moreover, to further aid in the process, especially as it pertains to fat gain, the use of HGH is highly recommended when insulin is used; in-fact, we could never recommend insulin without HGH. Human Growth Hormone is the ultimate in enhancing metabolic activity, and again, this is something you're going to need.

Is use right for you?

There's hardly a performance enhancer out there who doesn't want more muscle mass, and because that's exactly what insulin can provide it makes this hormone very tempting. Even so, let's be abundantly clear, the vast majority of performance enhancing athletes have absolutely no business touching the first international unit of insulin; in-fact, most need to do a better job controlling what they produce naturally. The only ones who should ever consider insulin are the true hard gainers and those of an extreme, elite level who have a watchful eye over them. It must also be clarified, when we speak of hard gainers we're talking about maybe 5% of the population; most who think they're hard gainers are not, they simply don't know what they're doing.

If you believe you qualify for insulin use, you will need to exercise extreme caution. The use of this powerful hormone improperly can lead to death, and we're talking about death shortly after administration. We're not trying to scare you; we're simply stating the truth. Remember, the release of natural insulin is due to the presence of carbohydrates, and if you steroid with exogenous insulin yet do not provide enough carbohydrates to match you may slip into a diabetic coma and never wake. A mixture of slow and fast acting carbs with your insulin is usually best, but if you start to feel sleepy do not go to sleep, start pouring more carbs down your throat; grape juice, candy and any other fast acting carb will do the trick. You will generally need 100-150g of carbs per 5-10iu of insulin, and a few EFA's and a little protein isn't a bad idea either. Of course, some will need more carbohydrates; this is impossible to predict. At any rate, you will find Humulin-R is your best choice as it has a half-life of only about 5-6 hours, clears fast and anyone can walk right into the pharmacy and purchase all they want without a prescription.

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