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If you live in the United States, without question you live in one of the freest societies on earth, a country where individual liberty is not only granted, it is deemed one of only three inalienable rights. For those who do not fully understand this principle, inalienable rights refer to rights that cannot be taken away; not only can they not be taken away, they can't even be granted by the government; they exist on the basis of us being human beings. When it comes to the government, there job, truly their only job is to protect our inalienable rights, and as long as nothing we do infringes on the inalienable rights of others we are free to live as we see fit. There truly is no country on earth that holds to this principle in such a strong manner; of course, at least there has never been, for in recent years we have witnessed erosion. A prime example undoubtedly surrounds Anabolic androgenic steroids, and if you live in the U.S. and you desire to purchase steroids, the odds are strong you can take this desire and cram it up your rear end.

In the United States, Anabolic androgenic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances by way of the steroid Control Act of 1990; later reinforced by the steroid Control Act of 2004. By this legislation, if you want to purchase steroids you must have a prescription, and to obtain a prescription there must be a medical need deemed justified by the law. If you purchase steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement, you have broken the law, as this is deemed a desire, not a need. In-order to legally purchase or possess anabolics, the most common reason is for the purpose of hormone replacement therapy, such as in the treatment of low testosterone, Andropause and even menopause in some cases. Those who suffer from severe muscle wasting diseases are also often prescribed anabolics, such as those with cancer or aids; many burn victims also receive anabolics. There's no doubt about it, anabolics can truly help anyone suffering from such conditions; in-fact, hormone replacement therapy, the most common reason for purchasing steroids has radically improved the lives of millions of Americans. Even so, here's where things get really weird; if you live in the United States and you're a woman who wishes to be a man you can legally purchase anabolics; why is this weird, well beyond the obvious it's not a need, it is a desire, it may be a strong desire but that does not make it a need. It is truly a messed up way of thinking; those who wish to live a transgender lifestyle, their liberty is protected, but those who wish to build a better body, forget about; take your liberty a choke on it.

According to many of our government officials, Anabolic androgenic steroids are not only a threat to our society and very way of life, they are public enemy number one, or at least pretty close. Many have labeled anabolics in the same light as heroin or cocaine; meth labs are selling garbage to kids, crack addicts are stealing and killing each other in the streets, but anabolics, oh you bet, this is the real evil. If you did not sense the sarcasm in the last sentence please stop reading, because more than likely your engrained idiotic nature has been warped so tremendously by the emotional hysteria no truth can penetrate it. While steroids are often considered such a grave threat, and those who purchase steroids the scum of the earth, what's so strange is there is no logical or reasonable conclusion for this way of thinking. During the steroid hearings leading to the original steroid legislation, numerous government health and law enforcement agencies were called by congress to testify in hopes their testimony would support the scheduling of anabolics. Of those called, most notably were the AMA, FDA, NIDA, and DEA, and guess what, each agency opposed the legislation, and in an extreme nature. The AMA would go as far as to say "We vehemently oppose the ban" a sentiment supported by the other agencies. They would state there was no evidence anabolics could lead to the physical or mental problems purported by congress or any type of mental or physical addiction; requirements that must be met to schedule any substance. Of course, congress would ignore the testimony it asked for; a funny thing about it, of those who opposed the ban included the DEA, the very agency now charged with arresting those who purchase steroids. Further, many of those agencies have in recent years fallen in-line with what congress desired; nothing's changed about anabolics, there's not been new information that wasn't available during the hearings; why this change of heart, who knows, it could be pressure or money, but the past truth doesn't lie.

This leads us to the most important question of all; if anabolics are not as dangerous as congress has made them out to be, and we assure you they are not, why can't you purchase steroids in the U.S. simply on the basis of personal liberty? Sure, there can be risks when steroiding with anabolics, but for the healthy adult man who steroids responsibly it has been proven time and time again that such risks are very minimal, but responsible steroidation is still a good idea. Of course, let's just assume for the fun of it that they can absolutely destroy your health; they can't, but let's pretend, and on that basis ask if you should be allowed to purchase steroids? Most of you will emphatically scream "No" such a purchase should not be allowed, but what about cigarettes, what about alcohol; if you're an adult you can purchase these legally without a legal concern, and both can send you into the ground very fast. If that's not good enough, what about junk food, what about all the fast food chains up and down your local streets; millions are eating themselves into oblivion every day, and while it's unhealthy liberty affords them this right. The question shouldn't be what's best for our health, that's not the government's job to decide; they are here to protect rights, not to deem how we exercise them.

Here's the bottom line; if you want to purchase steroids for reasons beyond medical need, on the mere basis of liberty you should be allowed to so as long as your actions harm no one else. If it harms your health, this is not a good enough reason for a prohibition state; if it is reason enough then the vast majority of Americans need to be arrested on the basis of how they liver their everyday lives. Of course, some will moan and cry about the purity of sports and how this must be protected, and of all the arguments surrounding why anabolics should be scheduled this has got to be without question the most idiotic of all. First and foremost, the vast majority of pro athletes have and do steroid with anabolics, and they have been for more than fifty years; the sooner we recognize this, the sooner we can focus on things in the U.S. that actually matter. Even so, here's what really matters; let's use the NFL and MLB as our primary examples. The NFL and MLB are private entities, and if they say the use of anabolics is prohibited, then steroiding with anabolics is cheating; this isn't a hard concept. Nevertheless, as private entities should they not be afforded to make this decision for themselves, and why on earth should such a decision affect the rest of us? If the NFL and MLB have such rules in place, if an athlete doesn't like it he shouldn't subject himself to the game, but 85% of those in the U.S. who purchase steroids for performance purposes are not athletes; they're regular people who simply want to build a better body; are you beginning to see the problem. Of course, it must be stated; the NFL and MLB, while they have strong anti-steroid laws in place, they are there for show and nothing more; you take anabolics out of these sports completely and you can wave goodbye to these games as you know them or anything that closely resembles them. In any case, the truth is beyond straightforward; in the U.S. you cannot purchase steroids for performance purposes, and while there is no logical reason behind this law it is the law despite its direct infringement on liberty. In-fact, when it comes to our inalienable rights, the Anabolic steroid laws of the United States in a despicable fashion spit directly in their face, and if they can do it with anabolics, they can do it with anything they want. Truly, there is nothing more un-American than the steroid laws of the United States.

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