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Performance enhancing drugs (PED's) are one of the most misunderstood topics on earth, and the brunt of this misunderstanding surrounds Anabolic androgenic steroids. As they are largely misunderstood by the majority of society, this largely causes steroid suppliers to be placed into another category of misunderstanding, but it is this misunderstanding that has largely protected them for decades. steroid suppliers are quite unlike any type of drug dealer; in-fact, while both may indeed be supplying controlled substances, beyond this you'll rarely find any other similarities. By-and-large, steroid suppliers are very similar to their customers, and more times than not this provides an unsuspecting nature making such individuals very difficult to spot. Make no mistake, we're not implying all Anabolic steroid suppliers are upstanding citizens, by the nature of their practice many exist in complete anonymity, but the nature of their existence is what has kept them in business for so long and why the war on steroids will never be won.

The Service Provided

Steroid suppliers provide steroids and often other performance based tools such as peptide hormones and ancillaries, and in most cases, nothing more. Sure, you can find people who sell anabolics and recreational drugs, but your major steroid suppliers are providers of performance enhancing drugs and nothing more. In-fact, many of these individuals take a hard stance against recreational drugs and if you even ask for them there's a good chance they'll never talk to you again. Further, many of them conduct their business in the same manner as any legal, business venture; they're not "dealing" on the street, and you won't find them "gang-bangin" on the corner.

Who are steroid Suppliers?

In many cases, steroid suppliers are performance enhancers themselves, and when we understand who performance enhancers are we can largely begin to understand steroid suppliers. The vast majority of performance enhancers are some of the finest, upstanding citizens in your community; by-and-large they are individuals with no criminal record, and individuals who do not mess with recreational drug; are there exceptions, of course, but the majority line up perfectly with this description. Within this population, this represents one of the largest segments of the population that has not failed to complete high school and has a college graduation rate of more than 74%. Further, the employment rate of Anabolic steroid users is more than 98%, with an average household income more than $25,000 per year above the national average; the majorities even hold white collar jobs and are over the age of thirty. Regardless of your opinion on PED's, it's impossible to deny, those are some remarkably different statistics than you'd find with recreational drug users, and in most cases, steroid suppliers line up perfectly with this segment of the population.

The Exceptions

As distributing PED's on the black market is an illegal activity, of course you're going to find individuals who do not meet our standard from above, and by no means are we implying such individuals do not exist. You will find steroid suppliers who are some of the worst people imaginable; scammers, people who sell contaminated products, or simply those who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims in any way they can. Even so, such steroid suppliers rarely survive the market; this is a market that does a pretty good job of regulating itself as the good suppliers rise to the top and the poor ones fall into the dustbin of memory. While this is true, before you ever give any supplier your business you must necessarily proceed with caution and do a little digging; just because someone is offering to sell you anabolics doesn't mean you should make such a purchase. Fortunately, if you display a little patience and do the digging you can easily avoid the filthy scum; it's actually not that hard to accomplish, but it will take patience. The steroid using population is a very close-knit group of people, very protective of one another, and this includes suppliers. By simply inquiring in a respectful fashion, you can find what you're looking for, and more importantly ensure it's of a high quality nature.


It happens on a regular basis; various steroid suppliers are arrested and shut down; in many cases, they simply became too comfortable in their practice and made a mistake. Even so, there are plenty who have existed for a decade even decades, and they will always exist. Further, when one goes down there are always two more to take his place and the market itself continues to thrive. Of course, this raises an important question; how is it this market has such a viable rate of survival; how does it continue to grow each and every year despite the war that's been waged? The answer to this question is clear, and beyond simple; the war on steroids is largely approached in the same manner as recreational drugs; it has to be for if it's not it destroys the brunt of its validity. However, this is a market that is nothing like the recreational drug market, its population is nothing like recreational drug users, and on this basis, it will always survive along with the numerous steroid suppliers.

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