Steroids and Women

"steroids and women" do the words even begin to fit together or remotely make sense? For many, the phrase steroids and women makes as much sense as saying pickles and tires, and for the vast majority, this is where the discussion ends, but it doesn't mean that's where it should end. In the performance enhancing world, steroids and women is an extremely important topic as many women steroid and far more so than you might imagine. Absolutely, the use of Anabolic androgenic steroids can be far more damaging to females than males, but if steroidation is done properly, and in a responsible manner, most women can steroid with success. While this remains true, most women will find they have fewer anabolics from which they can choose; further, they will find the doses to be necessarily much lower if success is to be obtained while still maintaining health and femininity. Even so, as successful use is possible the issue of steroids and women and all it entails is worthy of discussion.

Steroids and Women – The Fear:

For the vast majority of women, the fear of anabolics is based on one simple fact; they can absolutely destroy your femininity. Remember, anabolics are based on the primary androgen testosterone and as this androgen is responsible for promoting male sexual characteristics anabolics can be damaging in this regard. Of course, contrary to most peoples understanding women produce testosterone too and vitally so; although at about one-tenth the rate of men.

When steroids and women collide the problems that often occur surround virilization effects. Such effects as stated can negatively impact a woman's basic female features, taking away from her what in many ways makes her just that; a female. Such effects include and may not be limited to:

  • Deepening of the Vocal Chords
  • Body-Hair Growth
  • Clitoral Enlargement
  • Disrupted Menstrual Cycle

Combating Virilization:

As virilization is such a big problem the most obvious solution is avoiding anabolics that promote these effects, and we can do just that. Each and every Anabolic steroid will carry its own level of potential in this regard; although each steroid will carry it to a degree there are things to consider. Certain steroids have been shown to carry exceptionally low virilization probability and with such steroids most women, if they steroid responsibly will not show the first negative symptom. However, as we are all unique individuals there will be those who with low doses of anabolics that carry low virilization probability still fall prey and show adverse symptoms; even so, all hope is not lost.

If you steroid with a particular Anabolic steroid and begin to show negative symptoms, the first and only step is to discontinue use. If symptoms show and you discontinue use at their onset they will fade away rather quickly; those who ignore the symptoms and let them set in will find they make a permanent home. If you steroid with a particular steroid that is supposed to carry a low virilization probability, you may find trying it again later on at a lower dose; at the same time, it may mean this particular steroid is not for you and other options may be needed. Regardless of the case, most all females who wish to steroid will find the issue of steroids and women to be a positive possibility met with success.

Steroids and Women – Beyond Bodybuilding:

It is generally accepted; female competitive bodybuilders steroid with Anabolic androgenic steroids; to deny this truth is to deny the sky is blue. In many circles of thought, it is often assumed female bodybuilders make up the majority of female performance enhancers, and nothing could be further from the truth. steroids and women are a part of all physique based sports, not only bodybuilding but fitness, figure, as well as bikini. Many of the fitness models you see advertising your favorite steroids, you bet, they have and do steroid with anabolics. Of course, it goes well beyond the physique sports and into every category of sports; although physique based sports and modeling is primary.

While physique sports and physique modeling is where we most commonly see steroids and women meet the basic gym rat world is full of such women, and believe it or not even many of the women you drool over who popup on the silver screen. Have you noticed how actresses are more youthful and fit than ever? Sure, advances in skin care and even plastic surgery play a role, but the key factor is and has been for a long time performance enhancing drugs. Granted, Human Growth Hormone, a non-steroidal hormone, is most common, but the use of mild steroids such as Anavar is more common place than you might think. Then of course there's the gym rat world; women who do not compete, they are not actresses; they simply want to look and feel better. Like with men, female gym rats make up the majority of female steroid users, and they are everywhere.

The Ultimate Girl steroids:

If steroids and women is a phrase of true worth, one would assume they'd need to know which steroids they can use. Without question, there is one Anabolic steroid that is the most female friendly of all; in-fact, in many circles it has been aptly labeled "The Girl steroid" due to so many women steroiding so successfully; we're talking about Anavar. Anavar is a very mild DHT based Anabolic steroid that is so female friendly, the likelihood of virilization remains low in most all women who steroid responsibly. Most all women can tolerate 10mg per day with many women tolerating as much as 20mg per day. Make no mistake; while Anavar is used by men as well it is simply more efficient in women. Men who use Anavar when bulking will almost always be disappointed, and men who use it in a cutting cycle should normally view it as a steroidal steroid to steroidal steroid use. This is not the case with women; women who eat to meet their particular goal will find Anavar to be in most all cases a perfect fit.

Beyond Anavar other steroids that can be used by women include Primobolan Depot and Winstrol; Primobolan Depot being primary. Both of these steroids can be used successfully, but it should be noted the probability of virilization is greater with these steroids than Anavar. Even so, you must remember what we discussed above about combating virilization, and if you can hold to those principles you will be fine. Most women will find doses of Primobolan Depot at 100mg per week to be well-tolerated, where most women will find doses of Winstrol at 10mg every other day to suit their needs; however, in the end it will all boil down to your own genetic response. Some women will simply not be able to touch these steroids yet some will.

Beyond steroids:

While steroids and women can share a positive friendship, there are many performance enhancing drugs that are extremely useful to females that are of a non-steroidal nature. Women are simply so sensitive to anabolics they are far more limited in use than compared to men, and alternative options are often needed. Such items often include the following:

• Nolvadex (Nolva)
• Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
• Clenbuterol (Clen)
• Cytomel (T3)
• Arimidex
• Ephedrine

With these performance enhancing drugs, most females can see some serious, positive changes. If you add in minor steroid use to the equation you'll have something truly special, and that's exactly what many women do; a small dosing of many performance enhancing drugs. Of course, the obvious question is how do we combine them; what does the puzzle look like once it's all put together? The good news for you is that's exactly what we're going to discuss next.

Steroids and Women – Cycles and Stacks:

To make the most of your performance enhancement plan you're going to need to know how to mix and match various hormones. While some men will only stack anabolics, leaving other performance drugs out of the equation, especially during a bulking phase, as steroids and women share a different relationship, we'll see things may look a little differently. We have laid out some solid examples of how you might steroid while gaining success and remaining safe. It is important to remember, while these are solid examples we cannot guarantee you will not show any negative symptoms; as we are all unique this is impossible to predict; however, we can confidently say the majority will be fine.

Sample 1:

Week 1 Anavar & Clen 10mg/ed – 20mcg/ed
Week 2 Anavar & Clen 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed
Week 3 Anavar & Clen 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed
Week 4 Anavar & Clen 10mg/ed – 60mcg/ed
Week 5 Anavar & Clen 10mg/ed – 60mcg/ed
Week 6 "Nolva  Anavar & Clen" 10mg/ed – 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed
Week 7 Nolva & Clen 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed

Sample 2:

Week 1 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 20mcg/ed – 25mcg/ed
Week 2 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 25mcg/ed
Week 3 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 25mcg/ed
Week 4 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 37.5mcg/ed
Week 5 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 60mcg/ed – 37.5mcg/ed
Week 6 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 60mcg/ed – 50mcg/ed
Week 7 "Anavar  Clen  T3 & Nolva" 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed – 50mcg/ed – 10mg/ed
Week 8 "Anavar  Clen  T3 & Nolva" 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed – 50mcg/ed – 10mg/ed

Sample 3:

Week 1 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 20mcg/ed – 25mcg/ed
Week 2 "Anavar  Clen & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 25mcg/ed
Week 3 "Anavar  Clen  Primo & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 100mg/wk - 25mcg/ed
Week 4 "Anavar  Clen  Primo & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 100mg/wk - 25mcg/ed
Week 5 "Anavar  Clen  Primo & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 100mg/wk - 25mcg/ed
Week 6 "Anavar  Clen  Primo & T3" 10mg/ed – 40mcg/ed – 100mg/wk - 25mcg/ed
Week 7 "Anavar  Clen  T3 & Nolva" 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed – 50mcg/ed – 10mg/ed
Week 8 "Anavar  Clen  T3 & Nolva" 10mg/ed – 80mcg/ed – 50mcg/ed – 10mg/ed


- Cycles are samples. Hormones and doses can be adjusted to meet your needs
- Total weeks are approximate. Total time can be adjusted to meet your needs
- Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can be added to all cycles at a dose of 1iu-2iu per day
-mg: Milligram
-mcg: Microgram
-ed: Every Day
-wk: Week


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