Testosterone Levels

For the average man, his actual testosterone levels are not something he often gives too much thought to. It's no secret we need testosterone; all human beings need this primary androgen as it plays crucial roles throughout the body; in-fact, it's one of the most important hormones of all. Of course, as men, we need higher testosterone levels than women, much higher, and when things are going right we produce on average ten times as much as women. At any rate, there are many men who suffer from low levels, and conversely many men who enjoy the benefits of high levels; this can occur naturally or through exogenous testosterone use. Let's take a look at testosterone levels and see what we can find.

Average Testosterone Levels:

We all produce testosterone, and as we age, our levels naturally decline. Even so, there is no set range, there is no one size fits all amount we all produce; as we are all unique individuals, we will display unique testosterone levels. However, there are ranges we can go by, standard ranges based on our age. For example, the average male 18-25 years of age should display a total testosterone reading of 600-680ng/dl, whereas the average male 40-50 years of age will display a total testosterone reading of 380-450ng/dl. These averages are assuming all things are perfect, and as you're aware, nothing is ever perfect. Many men, regardless of the age bracket they fall in, but especially once they reach the age of 40 have much lower testosterone levels than what is often deemed average for their age. Quite frankly, the averages that are often given are a complete joke.

Low Testosterone Levels:

In the U.S., regardless of age, testosterone levels that fall below 300ng/dl are considered low. If you're 25-30 years old or 50-60 years old, this is considered low and any range above this mark regardless of age is considered satisfactory. In medical practice, if a man naturally produces 650ng/dl and then soon after produces 350ng/dl this is not considered low testosterone; can you see the problem? It is a massive problem, as total testosterone levels are gauged in a very generic sense and not on an individual basis.

At any rate, 300ng/dl is considered the baseline standard and it is below or even near this area many symptoms related to low testosterone levels may begin to show. Low testosterone is a serious condition, as it will severely diminish your quality of life. In the U.S. alone, more than thirty-million men suffer from low testosterone or a broader androgen deficiency, and the sad reality is most do absolutely nothing about it. Decreased libido's, erectile dysfunction, loss of strength, muscle mass, depression; the list goes on and on, and what's worse, when left ignored low testosterone levels can lead to severe conditions. Those who hold to low levels for long periods of time open the door to diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and a host of other conditions.

Above Average Testosterone Levels – High Testosterone:

High testosterone levels pretty much speak for themselves, as they will produce the exact opposite of low levels. Men who have high testosterone levels have a higher quality of life; they are in better shape, they have stronger immune systems, they have less stress and are generally happier people. In the U.S. anything over 800ng/dl is generally considered a high level of testosterone, and there are a few who actually produce this much naturally. Of course, the majorities who break the 800ng/dl range do so by exogenous testosterone use, and in any case, the body makes no distinguishing difference regardless of the testosterone's origin.

Increasing Testosterone Levels:

There are a few ways we can increase our testosterone levels, but if you suffer from low testosterone (below 300ng/dl) you are more than likely going to need some sort of therapy. Certain foods, such as red meat, nuts and legumes have been shown to slightly increase levels; ensuring you get at least 7-8 hours a sleep per night can also improve your total score. Beyond these methods, which in all honesty will do extremely little, the only way you can truly increase total testosterone levels is with some form of exogenous therapy. For this purpose, we have the Anabolic steroid, the primary Anabolic steroid testosterone; pure testosterone therapy will work each and every time. Of course, some men do not want to take this route, and for years, that's actually been the only route available. However, there is one over the counter steroid that can do the trick; even for those who legitimately suffer from low testosterone. The product is called "Test-600x" and it is a full testosterone recovery system. Numerous studies have shown this over the counter steroid can increase total testosterone levels by as much as 50% in mere weeks, and that's nothing to scoff at.

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